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When the Government Emergency Ordinance 54/2010 concerning the methods to impede fiscal evasion came into effect, the procedure of requesting and issuing the documents needed to start-up a trading company had complicated, which means that the time it takes to register a company has doubled now. The temporary solution is to establish the registered office at the law firmthat takes care of your company’s registration procedure.

The method available according to Law 51/1995 – the Lawyers Law, allows companies to establish their head office at the sole practitioner’s office for a maximum period of one year without the possibility to lengthen this timeframe. This is theoption an investor has when it comes to starting up a company in the fastest time possible and without undergoing too many expanses/investments before beginning the actual activity of the company.

The advantages of establishing your head office at the professional premises of the sole practitioner are:

Taking into account the fact that finding a space where to establish your registered office can be problematic in Bucharest due to the extensive number of existing companies, we offer you support in this regard – either if you want to start up a company or if you wish to change the registered office of your company.

Our services of officehosting allow the registration of your head office in Bucharest and in Ilfov District:

We can also offer certain services related to office hosting – which can help you better perform your activity.

You have a VIRTUAL OFFICE at your disposal where you can:

Likewise, you can use our phone and fax number for receiving and transmitting correspondence to your clients.