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Registered Office in Sector 4

Those who desire to start up a trading company but do not obtain the approval of the neighbors or of the landlord association (and the company does not perform its activity at the office) or if they do not want to trouble themselves with renting a space, they can register their office at the address of the lawyer’s office.

In regard to the temporal registration of the trading company’s head office, the lawyer will draw up and sign with the company’s representative a separate contract of judicial assistance.

A company can have its office registered at the lawyer’s work office but only for a period of 1 year, and the evidence of the office being registered is the contract of judicial assistance.

Our services of housing allow registering your head office in Bucharest and in Ilfov District:

We can also offer certain services related to housing your registered office – which can help you better perform your activity.

You have a VIRTUAL OFFICE at your disposal which contains the following:

Likewise, you can use our phone and fax number for receiving and transmitting correspondence to your clients.